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 Respect's Application Form

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Branden Mods?

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PostSubject: Respect's Application Form   Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:00 pm

1.Age: 13
2.Birthdate: 12/21/98
3.Name On Game: ¿UñVûLñèrâßLè¿
4.Desired Name On Game: .;X®èspèçtX;.
5.How would you benifit our clan? I would post codes on the website.
6.What state: Michigan
7.Do you hack or mod: Mod
8.Do you have a mic: Yes.
9.Have you hit puberty(not a joke! depends on if u r machure enough for clan!): Hitting it now. lmao
10.Will you obey what all the leaders say?: Yes, I will.
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Respect's Application Form
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